3 Simple Brain Games That Instantly Make You Feel Happier


3 Simple Brain Games That Instantly Make You Feel Happier - with logo

Today we shall play.

We have magical, joyful and easy tricks developed by Jane McGonigal, a game designer with a PhD in psychology.

She created a game called Jane the Concussion Slayer, based on every day actions that spark motivation and expand the sense of what we’re cable of.

Here are some ideas that should stimulate your brain and make you feel happier in no time:

  1. The Muscle Up Game – For More Willpower

Recommended for: The need of resisting an impulse or instant mental resilience.

What to do: Squeeze a group of muscles for at least 5 seconds. Any muscles will do – hands, biceps, buns, abs. The more muscles you tense up, the more mental strength you need.

How it works: A strong body cues a strong brain. And, in order to be courageous and stick to resolutions, you need a strong brain.

  1. The Superhero Game – To Feel More Positive

Recommended for: To be more altruistic, more positive and to easily get involved in social situations.

What to do: Take a pen and write down everything that, in your opinion, describes a superhero – what motivates them, what they do to face danger, what are their strengths, how they treat others.

How it works: According to psychologists, people have the natural tendency of comparing themselves to a particular group and look for similarities. Scientists from MIT and NYY found that study participants who used the superhero list trick are far more willing to become volunteers and have an altruistic mentality.

  1. The Power Breath Game – For Instant Relaxation

Recommended for: This simple breathing game is very efficient in muscle relaxation, to decrease the heart rate and improve your mood. All are scientifically backed up claims.

What to do: Breath in while slowly, counting to four. Exhale, while slowly counting to eight. Repeat for 5 or 6 times, for about a minute in total. Do this for as many times a day as you feel necessary.

How it works: This breathing system increases your heart rate variability, meaning the little differences in time from one heartbeat to the next one. A high heart rate variability protects against stress, pain or anxiety.

Verdict? Very modern, easy and scientifically proven solutions!



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