This 30-Second Test Predicts A Heart Attack One Month Before It Happens



Heart diseases kill 1 in every 4 Americans.

Also, heart problems significantly affect more men than women. It’s never too late to know how to be prepared and avoid a heart attack! According to the most recent study on this topic, nearly 75% of all deaths in the US are attributed to just 10 causes. It’s useful to know that the top 3 of these account for over 50% of all deaths. And in this infamous top, heart related deaths lead by a very long shot! How can you easily avoid becoming just another number in this dreadful statistic by following just one simple rule?

Just 30 seconds to predict a fatal heart attack

Life-saving tips may seem simple and obvious. Even so, most of us get caught in the daily grind and forget how to take care of us and our precious health. Make a habit out of this simple, but extremely useful method to anticipate a heart disaster:

Stop what you are doing for 30 seconds and go someplace quiet. Then ask yourself the following 6 questions:

  • Am I more tired than the usual?
  • Do I have trouble breathing?
  • Do I feel extra weak and powerless?
  • Am I dizzy for no reason?
  • Do I have cold sweats?

If the answer to most of the questions above was yes, then be careful! A heart attack may be around the corner and you should immediately start making some changes in your life style.

Why is it important to understand your body’s signals?

Our body sends us early warnings if our health state starts to depreciate:

  • Narrow arteries make you feel tired.
  • Shortness of breath means that your heart is getting less oxygen.
  • A weak body indicates that your muscles are not functioning properly due to bad circulation.
  • Dizziness and clamminess are due to the lack of oxygen and poor blood flow in your brain.

PS: As always, sharing is caring. Even if you are in tip-top shape, take just 5 minutes and teach one of your loved ones this potential live-saving advice. Prevention is always better than treatment. You have the power! 


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