The 5,000 Years Old Chinese Secret To Banish Motion Sickness And Nausea


Traveling causes for most of us motion sickness and nausea. Boats, trains, airplanes, cars – we’ve all been there, looking for that barf bag one moment too late.

Apparently even riding a camel can cause motion sickness. According to the CDC, motion sickness affects more the following categories of people: children (aged 2-12), women (especially pregnant) and people who suffer from headaches. Fortunately, there is a working solution to all of your nausea problems, which does not involve taking pills and has guaranteed fast results.

Why do we get motion sickness?

In the academic world, there is a lot of debate regarding this. And there is no definitive answer to this question. In 1977 Michel Treisman, a psychologist at the University of Oxford published an interesting theory in the Science Magazine. It suggests that nausea from motion sickness is caused by our body who wants to protect itself from poison. Some toxins can make you dizzy, so if you’ve got some poison in you, your body will want to throw it up.

The solution to all your motion sickness related problems comes from more than 5,000 years of Asian medicinal wisdom. The best thing is that you don’t have to spend anything to get quickly feeling better!

How to “thumb away” any sickness and nausea in just 30 seconds

So, next time you’ll feel that motion sickness or have any nausea, try this quick acupressure technique:

  1. Relax your arms and shoulders.
  2. Press with your thumb between the two tendons on the inside of your wrist
  3. Massage for at least 30 seconds.

The best thing about this amazingly simple trick is that it has immediate results. In some cases, though, if you don’t see any improvement, keep pressing for a couple of minutes more. Also, it does not matter if you press your left or right-hand wrist. The effects are the same.

Moreover, this is a scientifically proven solution. Researchers from the Gastrointestinal Psychology Laboratory, Pennsylvania State University, did a test to see if this works. 25 healthy persons, aged 18-22, who had motion sickness problems, were tested on 3 separate occasions. The results: everybody reported fewer symptoms of nausea and the gastric activity that usually accompanies it.

Also, specialists recommend taking a little bit of fresh ginger before going on a long trip (by car, bus or plane). Ginger acts as a preventing natural medicine, which will keep motion sickness away from you or your loved ones.

PS: There is a hidden bonus feature of this technique as well – it may also help relieve anxiety.

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