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Dear American fellow,

I’m going to be frank with you today. You are living a lie. It’s the simplest way I can put it. The state, the one that’s publishing alarming news regarding the skyrocketing obesity levels and promoting healthy programs and associations, deliberately forces you to be obese. It’s not your fault. Stop looking in the mirror and blaming yourself!

Whatever you do, if you had the misfortune of being born with a rather slow metabolism, you won’t lose weight the way you dream of. At least, not under the circumstances THEY are keeping you under… THEY are creating, poisoning you with!

Here are the numbers.

Most likely, you or some member of your close family… suffers from obesity. A woman has an average of 2.06 children in the US, nowadays – according to CIA’s World Factbook – while, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2 in 3 adults are overweight or obese. So I’m damn sure you confronted with obesity at some level.

No surprise, America ranks 12 on the top of the most obese countries in the world, with 35% of its people having more pounds than medically average and healthy. According to the DDC, an average adult is 26 pounds heavier now than in the 1950s.

WHY are we getting fatter?

In two words, we’re talking about poor nutrition. That means that average Americans are not eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains. But they prefer sugars, sodium and saturated fats. Even the federal government recognizes this.

In 1970, the daily average calories consumption per person was 2,039. In 40 years, in 2010, the number reached 2,544. 40 years ago, 337 of the calories came from added fats – lard, cream, cooking and salad oils. As a result, an average of 550 calories now comes from added fats – that’s 63% more than 40 years ago.
44.9% of the adults of 20-74 years old were obese or overweight in 1960. The percentage for the same age group doubled – reaching 68.8%, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in 2010.

Poor nutrition is not necessarily fast food.

OK, so it’s easy to stop and grab something to eat for supper on your way home from work. Fast food makes our lives a whole lot easier.

But it’s not only that. Here’s my list of fattening scams the federal government is aware of… and even contributes to:

1. Food is filled with antibiotics.

Studies: An experiment was conducted in 1974 on several hundred Navy recruits to see if they gain weight if taking antibiotics. Well, they did, in only seven weeks. Furthermore, a Danish study published in the International Journal of Obesity showed that babies fed with antibiotics within six months of birth were more likely to be overweight by age 7 than those who didn’t receive such drugs, regardless their genetic inheritance.
Facts: American children get up to 20 antibiotic treatments, according to Martin Blaser, leading antibiotic researcher at New York University, Langone Medical Center. Antibiotic residues can also be found in meat and milk.

2. Meat animals are simply drugged.

Studies: The US uses several fatteners for farm animals in the US, like: Ractopamine – Paylean for pigs, Optaflexx – for cattle and Topmax for turkeys. A study published by the Bureau of Veterinary Drugs, Health Protection Brank in Ottawa,  showed that monkey given Ractopamine developed daily tachycardia. Meanwhile, rats fed with the same drug developed different birth defects – short limbs, missing digits, open eyelids and an enlarged heart. Ractopamine has been banned in the EU, Russia, China, Taiwan and other countries.
Facts: According to the Breast Cancer Fund, the European Union banned drugs that have the ability to stimulate growth and proliferation of human breast tumor cells, referring to Zeranol, a cattle growing hormone. Yet, the US thinks the more and the faster the farm animals grow, the merrier. A weak immune system is a prey not only for numerous diseases, but also for sudden weight changes.

3. Sugar is not our greatest enemy. Substitutes are.

Studies: According to a study conducted by the University of Texas Health Science Center, people who drink 2 or more artificially sweetened soft drinks every day gain 5 times more weight than those who don’t drink diet sodas.
Facts: Artificial sweeteners slow the metabolism, cause addiction and, most of the time, their usage doesn’t exclude natural sweeteners. And most of the manufactures use both.

4. Pesticides unbalance our endocrine system.

Studies: The Toxicological Sciences Journal published a study, in 2003, about the effects of endocrine disruptors on fetal development that play a role in adult obesity. According to the International Journal of Andrology, “Obesity has been proposed to be yet another adverse health effect of exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals during critical stages of development”.
Facts: Several antibiotics and artificial sweeteners are similar molecules to endocrine disrupters.

5. While devious marketing and taxes govern over life and death.

Meet Diary Management. This institution is the wonderful creation of the United States Department of Agriculture… you know, that agency that tells us lots of stuff about anti-obesity strategies, warns us that we will die fat and young and that we need to exercise. Well, Diary Management helped Domino’s Pizza develop a new line of pizzas with 40% more cheese. Each cheesy slice of this new pizza contains as much as two thirds of the daily maximum recommended amount of saturated fat. But Diary Management didn’t work only with Domino’s. Because it also brought more cheese into Taco Bell’s steak quesadilla, Pizza Hut’s Cheesy Bites Pizza, Burger King’s Cheesy Angus Bacon cheeseburger… and more fats into our lives.

What to do?

Go to the farmer’s market anytime you have the time to. Use your backyard for micro-farming, easy solutions. Don’t eat fast food… simple don’t. Cook at home. Eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible… and maybe pray a little…


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3 Responses to America Under The Obesity Verdict

  1. Brittany Michaels September 14, 2016 at 8:31 am #

    It’s basically impossible to buy all the food products you eat from the nearest farmer’s market… and not even then you can’t be completely sure that the fruits and vegetables are all bio.

  2. Kevin Daniels September 14, 2016 at 8:49 am #

    Well… just buy your food in regular grocery stores but spend twice as much time reading labels.
    Being healthy and respecting your body takes time and commitment.

  3. Karen Sanders September 14, 2016 at 9:26 am #

    Enough said, you’ve never seen a classical beauty that’s really skinny. Skinny people are associated with current fashion trends – and anorexia…. while classical beauties always had a few extra pounds.

    Being a little overweight doesn’t actually means you are fat, unattractive or unhealthy.

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