Why Blowing Your Nose The Wrong Way Makes You Sicker…


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Laugh all you want, but, most likely, you’re blowing your nose the wrong way…

… and you’ve probably done that all your life without knowing.

But, surely, you might ask yourself… what does “the bad way” mean?

As, usual, I come with scientific evidence that there is a better and healthier way of doing everyday things. All to significantly improve your every day life.

The science behind the trick…

Dr. Neil Schachter, medical director of the Respiratory Care Department at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital, explains what an improper nose blow means. According to him, a typical nose blow can generate 10 times more pressure than sneezing or coughing. The greater the pressure, the most likely some mucus will reach the inflamed and narrowed drainage passageway of your sinuses, thus spreading the infection.

Which is the best way of blowing your nose?

Dr. Schachter recommends moistening the nasal passage with a saline spray, mostly in the morning, since the nasal passage drys out during sleep. Just squirt, give a moment to settle, and then blow again gently, each nostril at a time…

Verdict? Who would have thought about the science behind this? Yet, this can dramatically reduce the days you are sick… so go for it!


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One Response to Why Blowing Your Nose The Wrong Way Makes You Sicker…

  1. Brittany Michaels September 14, 2016 at 8:20 am #

    That’s completely true!
    I had some type of terrible cold as a teenager. It just didn’t go away for weeks. One of the doctors I went to finally had the curiosity to ask me to demonstrate how I blow my nose. The thing is that I was doing it wrong and, moreover, I was addicted to nasal sprays, which also prolonged the cold.

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