Bruises Start Vanishing The Second You Apply This


We all know that a bruise is an area of skin discoloration which occurs when small blood vessels break. It turns out though that sometimes a bruise is more than skin-deep.

We’ve all played detective at one point in our lives, trying to crack the case of the “mysterious bruise that appeared out of the blue”. Most of the time, we seem to forget minor bumps and injuries that eventually leave us confused when they start turning purple. But don’t panic yet.

According to a recent study, researchers from the University of London found a shocking truth. As it turns out, even forensic experts make significant errors when it comes to assessing bruises. If for most of the times the cause will remain a mystery no matter what, find out below an incredibly simple and effective trick to make bruises disappear in an instant!

Bruises – those purple  “crop circle” mysteries on our skin

In a recent study, Katherine Nash Scafide, PhD, RN, an assistant professor of nursing at Georgetown University School of Nursing & Health Studies, made some interesting discoveries about bruises. For example, she found out that:

  • Usually a bruise appears on our skin 30 minutes after the impact or injury occurs.
  • Bruises are at their most blue approximately 24 hours after the initial trauma.
  • The amount of fat under your skin does not influence bruise color or healing process
  • It does not matter if you are a woman or a man or if you are right handed or not – statistically, everyone has the same type of bruises.

Say good-bye to bruises’ blues!

If you have an occasional bruise, or you are particularly prone to bruises even after minor injuries, here’s a quick fix you can try anytime:

WHAT TO DO: soak a cotton ball in white vinegar and apply it to the bruise. Results may vary depending on the gravity of the bruise, but in max 1 hour you should see the results.

WHY IT WORKS: the vinegar reduces the blueness and speeds up the healing process.

This is all you have to do! Simple enough, but with visible effects, this little-known trick does wonders! At the same time, you should remember that if you have a bruise:

  • Do not try to drain the bruise with a needle.
  • Do not continue using the painful, bruised part of your body.
  • Do not ignore the pain or swelling if it persists after a couple of days. ]

Instead of a conclusion – an important notice!

You may have already heard about homeopathic Arnica – a plant found in the medicine cabinets of millions of people, especially in Europe. This plant is widely believed to be an effective treatment for bruises and other minor traumas. But, as recent research suggests, this is not actually the case.  In a recent study published in the Wien Med Weekly, researchers Ludtke R, Hacke D. found no actual evidence that Arnica has any measurable effect on healing bruises.

As always – stay informed, be prepared & keep healthy!

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