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What Killed Us 200 Years Ago And What Kills Us Today

Looking back to the older times, you get the feeling that humankind dramatically progressed. That, us, the people who organized the American supreme democracy, who fought wars, constructed a nation, abolished slavery, invented remarkable machines and improved life to its smallest detail… would be capable of anything in order to overachieve ourselves. Yet, our time here, on […]

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The “Legacy” of Nazi Medicine In The US…

If I were to tell you the United States has an imperfect history, then you might raise your eyebrows and stop reading my today’s editorial. But, keep an open mind and hear me out: every step, every little phase our evolution went through… led us to the present moment. If we don’t know ourselves at […]

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America Under The Obesity Verdict

Dear American fellow, I’m going to be frank with you today. You are living a lie. It’s the simplest way I can put it. The state, the one that’s publishing alarming news regarding the skyrocketing obesity levels and promoting healthy programs and associations, deliberately forces you to be obese. It’s not your fault. Stop looking […]

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A Story About Cadavers And Grateful Donations

Let’s say a car hits you on your way to 7-Eleven to get a coffee during your morning jog. You die. Call it faith. It’s unlikely, but it can happen. Your wife mourns like there will be no tomorrow, you get a priest, lots of flowers, the visit of some weeping relatives you haven’t seen […]

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When Too Much Healthcare Equals Big Pharma Fraud

When president Ronald Regan signed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), in 1986, he agreed upon the following statement: “No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable… for damages arising from vaccine-related injury or death” he basically washed his hands (and also his successors’) of checking Big Pharma’s desperate and manipulative actions. So, set full sail, […]

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