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The 5,000 Years Old Chinese Secret To Banish Motion Sickness And Nausea

Traveling causes for most of us motion sickness and nausea. Boats, trains, airplanes, cars – we’ve all been there, looking for that barf bag one moment too late. Apparently even riding a camel can cause motion sickness. According to the CDC, motion sickness affects more the following categories of people: children (aged 2-12), women (especially […]

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Survival Kit Expert: The Best Natural Shampoo Solution Comes From Chickens

The first reaction is “Ewwww… Really?” But hold on, because it will worth your time. Cosmopolitan magazine recommends this solution as being efficient, eco and cheap… and, you heard me right, Cosmopolitan, because today we’re going to talk about a clever beauty trick. It cuts through grease… So, if you have greasy hair… tried out different […]

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