Excruciating Toothache? Hold This In Your Hand For 30 Seconds


Excruciating Toothache? Hold This In Your Hand For 30 Seconds - with logo

Anyone can tell you that toothaches are THE WORST.

And as much as we’re all scared of dentists, they’re the only ones that can help.

Yet, an appointment to your “tooth doctor” is not always an option.

Rather than taking painkillers that can do some serious damage to your liver, or worse, just baring the agonizing pain, I have an unbelievably easy, but efficient trick that will help you beat that annoying toothache.

Wanna see how easy it is?

OK, here’s what you need:

  • An ice cube

Yep, that’s absolutely all you need! Take the ice cube and then rub it against your palm, right between the thumb and index finger until it melts. Do you feel how the pain is starting to slowly release your tooth?

That’s because the cold ice numbs the nerves from that part of your hand, thus blocking the pain signals from reaching your brain.

And the evidence behind this trick is very serious.

Scientists measured the changes in pain intensity produced by this procedure. They used the McGill Pain Questionnaire. According to a study published in 1980, in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, most of the people who tried it reported a decreased intensity of the dental pain by 50% or more.

Now you can postpone that dentist’s appointment just a little longer (but NOT too long, OK?) and just enjoy life.


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