The Hack Successful People Use To Keep Calm Under Pressure



There is a hidden enemy inside all of us!

Learn now how to quickly defeat him with this extremely powerful method!

STRESS – a devious, ghost-like emotional terrorist which takes us by surprise in the most unpleasant moments. The US National Library of Medicine is full of numerous peer-reviewed studies that have shown time and again that stress invariably leads to devastating negative effects for your mind and body. Find out quickly how to permanently eliminate stress and negative pressure from your life with just one easy trick!

Is stress that really bad for me?

Well, not entirely. Short-term stress boosts the immune system and makes you feel good. Chronic stress, on the other hand, is a powerful enemy that spreads its tentacles down to your heart. More exactly it leads to plaque buildup in the arteries (atherosclerosis). If you combine stress with a high-fat diet and a sedentary living, be sure that more than 10 years of your life will be shaved off instantly!

Be aware! It is not enough just to eat healthy and drink teas or take vitamin supplements. Stress triggers severe broncho-constriction in asthmatics and increases the risk for diabetes mellitus. Moreover, stress alters the acid concentration in the stomach, which can lead to some nasty peptic ulcers full of pain!

Punch the enemy right in the face!

No, no violence involved. We are pacifist here! But when it comes to take action, be sure that you will not stay idle! Here is an amazingly simple, but life-changing tip that you can use whenever stress and pressure attack you:

  • Setting: a stressful situation (such as speaking in public or a job interview)
  • What to do: don’t just worry and sweat. Instead squeeze you left hand into a fist!
  • Result: pesky stress gone in 30 seconds!

Why does it work so well?

This simple trick helps athletes to stay on top of their game during stressful competitions, recent study shows.  Chocking under pressure is caused by a poor brain activity in the non-dominant hemisphere. So, you can distract your brain easily from pressure just by clenching your fist – the left one or the right one if you are left-handed! Easy and effective! And, moreover, the trick is endorsed by researchers of the University of Singapore and the University of Chicago.

Never submit to pressure again! Instead, rule it with an iron fist simply by making one!


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