No More Devil’s Food For Our Families



More die in the United States of too much food than of too little,” said American economist John Kenneth Galbraith. Have you ever wondered why you get sick so often? And why are you getting fat even though you follow all the latest diets and regimens? Don’t you have the feeling that something smells darn fishy? Let me tell you an outrageous secret: it’s because of the food! Today’s food has become more and more like rat poison. It’s not there to feed us, but to slowly kill us! What gives?

I’m sure you remember Burger King’s old slogan that read “It just tastes better!” This was the company’s motto for more than two decades. And it did. Good ol’ American fast food. For the active, hard-working citizens, always on the move, building America strong. Back then, fast food in general was nutritionally valuable – the chicken was chicken and the beef was beef (not filled with hormones and antibiotics like today). The vegetables were raw and fresh, produced by hard working American farmers (not imported from God knows where and filled with cancerous pesticides).

Something wicked this way comes – How fast food became Devil’s food

At one point, things began to change: GMO’s, a million chemicals, poisonous additives and colorants – all stuff of nutritional nightmares. You see, money is the root of all evil. Because fast food corporations want more, at the expense of us – honest folk, and our innocent children and grandchildren, we are eating Devil’s Food!

Now, Burger King’s slogan is “Be The King!” What does that even mean? Is this the stuff Kings are supposed to eat? Pesticides? And unsaturated fats?  No siree Bob, I don’t think so!

How do they trick you into buying Devil’s food – Finally revealed!

Slowly, people are becoming smarter, thanks to all the efforts good citizens put in order to expose the villainy of the fast-food industry moguls. Here’s a short list of how you big companies trick into buying fast food:

  • Artificially enhancing tastiness

Did you know that Chicken McNuggets, for example, are made up of chicken combined with dimethylpolysiloxane, an anti-foaming agent also used in Silly Putty?

  • Overwhelming you with delicious smells

Yes, that stake smell makes me drool. But is it really a stake that I’m smelling here? Nope! ScentAir, among others, has managed to duplicate the smell of waffle cones, popcorn, cinnamon buns, coffee, and even grilled hamburgers.

  • Constantly bombarding you with ads

A 2013 UCLA study found out that areas with more outdoor advertisements dedicated to fast food and soft drinks were more likely to have overweight residents than places where al fresco ads were for other goods.

Why is Devil’s food bad for me ?

The risks of eating today’s Fast Food (or Devil’s Food as I call it) are well-documented. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley in 2009 noted that living near a fast food restaurant is linked to a 5.2 percent greater risk of obesity. Imagine that – JUST LIVING NEAR A FAST FOOD IS DANGEROUS FOR YOU! And this is only one of the many other health risks you are unknowingly subjected. Other major risks are cardiovascular conditions and type 2 diabetes.

What can you do :

  1. Field to fork food is the best! It’s organic, nutritious and good for your health! Also, eat local and support your local community. Therefore you make sure that the future generations will have the chance of experiencing that good ol’ stake and corn salad that you and your parents ate!
  2.  And most of all, follow the incredible efficient health tips and get up to date with the latest powerful diet techniques I’m sharing with you here.

In the end, remember: You don’t need a silver fork to eat good, healthy food!



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