Do This One Thing to Relieve Constipation Fast (& Lose Stubborn Belly Fat)


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Blue or purple power?

Dieticians talk a lot about superfoods these days and blueberries are certainly on top of the list. But what few people know is that, if you eat a certain amount, blueberries turn into a life-changing fruit that not only relieves constipation almost instantly, but also burns that hard to lose fat on stomach.

Tufts University conducted a study over 60 types of fruits and vegetables, while the US Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Center studied over 40 different fruits and vegetables. Both studies concluded that blueberries are the best source of antioxidants and have the highest rating capacity of destroying free radicals.

No, just fiber power!

The fiber from blueberries relieves constipation by bulking up stool and making it easier to go through your tract.

Also, blueberries are high in water and sweet, satisfying your sugar cravings for 1/4 of the calories you would get from cookies or brownies. Not to mention they’re packed with nutrient.

And they can be super-tasty!

Here’s the incredibly easy thing you have to do:

  • Take 2 cups (5 oz.) of blueberries (preferably wild)
  • Add 1/2 cup of rolled oats
  • Mix everything with 1 plain organic yoghurt (4.4 oz.).

Add this to your daily breakfast and you’ll get results in no time!


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