The Pilgrims’ tip for super-white teeth and extra-strong gums!




After all those Thanksgiving hearty meals, most of us feel more stuffed than a turkey. Find out why it’s crucial not to forget about your chewing and chomping friends: your teeth!

We always eat, and some of us like to eat a lot! And who can say “no” to a delicious Thanksgiving pie? But while everybody looks at their bellies, our teeth may suffer too. Did you know that 29% of the adults suffer from regular dental pain? Or that a whopping 66% have a visible plaque? Or even worse, did you know that mouth cancer is the 10th most common cancer in men?

But don’t worry, here’s a quick and easy remedy for plaque and tartar that you can do yourself at home. Whiter and healthier teeth without going to the dentist – just perfect!

What is tartar and why do you have it?

According to the American Dental Association, due to a continual accumulation of minerals on the teeth and gum line, a soft and sticky deposit will appear and bother your teeth. It is called plaque, and brushing and flossing must eliminate it. Otherwise, it may turn into tartar, a more solid form of plaque.

Tartar can manifest in different ways: bad breath, chronically swollen gums, receding gums or tooth decay and can make your teeth look very unattractive.

In other words, it is vital to take care of your teeth in a proper way. Apart from the already known methods or expensive solutions, you should also try one of the following remedies that have proven to be quite useful.

Old Grandpa knows best when it comes to brighter smiles!

The remedy:

Grandparents have the best solutions to transmit to their successors. And once again, the answer comes from over a hundred years of traditional wisdom. From one generation to the next, here’s an incredibly easy but powerful tip to remove plaque and tartar:


  1. 1 tbsp of baking soda
  2. 1 tbsp of table salt
  3. A few drops of orange peel oil
  4. 10 drops of water or hydrogen peroxide.


  1. Mix in a small bowl all the ingredients and form a paste.
  2. Apply it for at least 30 seconds on your teeth.
  3. Do this twice a day, preferably in the morning and the evening.


Baking soda prevents tooth decay because it is composed of a chemical compound that makes it a great mild abrasive. Because of this, it effectively removes surface stains from your teeth and makes them appear whiter.

This is not a popular belief, but a scientific fact as well. Researchers from the University Park Research Center, Fort Wayne, IN, have published a study in “The Journal of Clinical Dentistry,” stating that toothpaste that contained baking soda is 65% more efficient at cleaning your teeth than non-baking soda dentifrice products.


This comes from my grandfather, who had a strong denture for more than 80 years:

  • Clean your mouth with salt and water after every meal. This will make your gums more healthy and strong!

Also, as a recommendation, if you brush your teeth with baking soda, don’t overdo it! Seven days in a row is more than enough. Otherwise, you may harm the enamel of your teeth.

So, go ahead, try for yourself this fantastic tip for a beautiful, bright smile free of stains and tartar!


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