Relieve A Migraine In 30 Seconds Just By Using Your Bare Hands



We’ve all had wonderful or important moments ruined by headaches.

Whether busy at work or out, meeting with friends or family, migraines can strike at any moment. And, most of the times, they find us unprepared.

Sure, the pills work, but how many more do you think you can pop before your body starts feeling the awful side-effects?

But yet again… we have an ethnic remedy…

Thankfully, traditional Chinese medicine is here to help with one simple acupressure trick. You can do it anywhere, at any time of the day and you’ll never have to buy another head pill ever again!

[WARNING: Do NOT do this if you’re PREGNANT!]

The simple steps of this technique…

With your arm relaxed, hold out your palm downwards, fingers touching, pointing forward. Now move only your thumb a few times. See that prominent little lump that moves along? That’s the muscle which you need to apply pressure on.

Using your other hand, grab that muscle between your thumb and your finger. Apply pressure for 30 seconds. Afterwards, switch hands and do the same thing for another 30 seconds.

Now that you have done this for both your hands, you should be feeling like new in no time. Enjoy your day and smile, knowing that you’ll never have another precious moment ruined by a pesky migraine.


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  1. Kevin Daniels September 14, 2016 at 8:52 am #

    The trick that has always worked for my wife who, like her father and grandmother before her, suffers from migraines… it’s getting into a bathtub of hot water. If you don’t like taking baths, just use the shower. Although you might feel somehow suffocated by the migraine and can’t stand any more heat, warm to hot water really helps.

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