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How Tinnitus Causes Out-Of-Body Experiences

Tinnitus could be a sign of something far more incredible: you could start “leaving your own body”. And now scientists also know why. More and more people report “taming” their tinnitus, and “using” it to have on-demand out-of-body travels. One such person said he focuses on his high pitched buzzing in the ears and the […]

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The Brain Doctor’s Trick To Beat Anxiety Right Here, Right Now

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy… It’s happening again. No matter how many times you’ve been through this… Whether it’s an interview, or you’re meeting someone important, driving through a jam-packed highway or just watching the news, you always… get… so… ANXIOUS! Now breathe in, breathe out… slowly… relax… that’s it. Brain doctors have recently […]

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