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Researchers Remove Brain Parts to Uncover Tinnitus Hiding Place

“Forget everything you knew about Tinnitus!”, researchers say, as they finally reveal the brain network responsible for ear-ringing and a truly shocking connection between tinnitus and epileptic seizures. It first starts with a loud high-pitched ringing in the ears. Then the ringing begins to “drill” down your ears into your brain. After this, the ringing […]

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Eye-Tinnitus Freaks Out Scientists

We know everything about the constant buzzing, clicking and screeching sounds of tinnitus. But did you know that you could also be suffering from eye-tinnitus? As one tinnitus sufferer said, “suddenly, my ear ringing began to move around the brain”. Then, his ear-ringing became visible: “Pretty much, it’s like your field of view kind of […]

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