How Tinnitus Causes Out-Of-Body Experiences

Tinnitus could be a sign of something far more incredible: you could start “leaving your own body”. And now scientists also know why.

More and more people report “taming” their tinnitus, and “using” it to have on-demand out-of-body travels. One such person said he focuses on his high pitched buzzing in the ears and the sensation of body vibrating. Then, he uses that vibration to get out of his body. Could this be truly possible? Scientists believe so, as they have uncovered a weird link between ear-ringing and people seemingly leaving their bodies.  

Is tinnitus the sound of you leaving your own body?

While driving and speeding in his car, a man in France suddenly had a bizarre sensation. He felt like he was outside his car looking in at his physical self, which was still at the wheel.

Another person reported a “sensation of entering my body, like in an envelope, from the top“. Another said, “I saw myself, smaller, from the top.

These are just a part of the 29 patients from a revealing study that finally links problems of the inner ear with eerie “out-of-body” experiences.

The study analyzed 210 patients who suffered from various conditions such as tinnitus, vertigo or so-called vestibular disorders.  The vestibular system, which is made up of several structures in the inner ear, gives your body a sense of balance and orientation in space. If your inner ear is not working well, it could cause problems such as dizziness or a floating sensation.

Out-of-body experiences were about three times more frequent in patients with ear disorders, versus those without these disorders”, said Christophe Lopez, lead author of the study at Aix-Marseille Université in France.

Also, Lopez said it is common to experience “floating” or “sinking” sensations while falling asleep, dreaming or waking. But researchers cannot pinpoint exactly why is your brain reacting like this.

This happens if you have Calcium Crystals inside your ears

Top brain researchers like Terence Hines, a professor of psychology at Pace University in New York, believe that it’s all because of the inner ear. “If something is wrong inside the ear, things can go kind of haywire,” he said.

Your inner ear is very delicate, and many  Many balance problems arise from conditions that affect it. For example, if calcium crystals inside the inner ear end up in the wrong place, it can cause the vestibular system to send signals to the brain that your head is moving, when it’s actually still, causing you to feel dizzy.

Also, besides inner ear and ear-ringing problems, researchers found out that you are more prone to out-of-body experiences if you suffer from frequent migraines, anxiety or even depression.

In a recent breakthrough study, psychologist Andra Smith at the University of Ottawa in Canada suggests that people (even those who don’t suffer from tinnitus) can trigger at their own will out-of-body sensations through meditation.  

Out of body experiences, also known as Astral Projections can sometimes be a truly scary experience. Next time when you see yourself floating from across the room, remember it could be just your tinnitus acting up.

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