Use Your Toothbrush To Get Rid Of Alzheimer’s? (Here’s How)

Use Your Toothbrush To Get Rid Of Alzheimer’s? (Here’s How) 2

Aging doesn’t have to mean Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other brain diseases.  

Especially when there are shockingly simple, 30-second methods to counteract the effect years have on your mind and memory.

World-renowned neurosurgeon MD David Poulad states that “even a small change causes an increase in the level of connectivity between the neurons in the brain.”

So, fear not, my friend! You have simple tricks at hand to keep you safe…

Here are 3 of the most efficient ways to keep your brain active and healthy at all ages:

  • Brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. Righties, go left and lefties, go right! You can apply the same method when it comes to writing, eating, or simply using the remote to change the TV channel;
  • Test your memory. This one trick is recommended by the Institute of Medicine. Make a list — of grocery items, things you want to do, or favorite movies —then memorize it. An hour later, try to recall as many items as you can.
  • Make your taste buds allies. When eating out, think about all the ingredients in your meal and try to identify all of them, including subtle herbs and spices.

Insert these life-changing tricks into your daily activities and Alzheimer’s won’t stand a chance!

Verdict? Science-backed solutions!

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